Leonhard Cohen – Democracy Will Come

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Patti Smith – People Have The Power

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Skindred – Rat Race

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Paleface – Helsinki Shangri-La

Avain – Punainen tiili

Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio – Romancero de Durruti

Elijah – Power to the People

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Irie Révoltés – Dis-moi où (…il y a la liberté)

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Irie Révoltés – Utopie

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Protoje – Who Can You Call

Protoje – Take Control

Then and only then shall we be independent
That’s the message
Check the message
You better change up the structure

We on the way to destruction
So change up the structure
Because we can’t take destruction

Bob Marley – War

Vladimir Vysotsky – Song about the Earth

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Leon Rosselson – Talking Democracy Blues

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Tomás Luis de Victoria – Lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah

Remember, O Lord, what is come upon us;
consider, and behold our reproach.
Our inheritance is turned to strangers,
our houses to aliens.
We are orphans and fatherless;
our mothers are as widows.
We have drunken our water for money;
our wood is sold to us.
Our necks are under persecution;
we labour and have no rest.
O Jerusalem, return to the Lord your God.
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updated 09.04.2015