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Ballotpedia is a wiki that provides information about direct democracy (ballot measures) in the USA and much more.

Chouard, Etienne [fr]

Etienne Chouard’s website is a treasure trove of ideas, reflections, debates and propositions focusing on the topic of real democracy.

Chercher la cause des causes (video)

In this video Etienne Chouard presents some of his basic ideas (in French with English subtitles).

Le Message

This website presents the ideas of Etienne Chouard (en, fr, es, it, ru).

Democracy at work

Based on the work of Professor Richard D. Wolff, Democracy at Work ([email protected]) strives to advocate for alternative solutions to the current model of capitalism. It argues that democratizing the workplace is a viable solution for a new economic system. It advocates for workers self-directed enterprises (WSDEs) as a key part of moving forward from the current model of capitalism to a new and better economy.

democracy international

Democracy international is a coalition of citizens and non-governmental organisations, aiming at the establishment of direct democracy globally on all levels of government: local, regional, national and transnational. It also gives advice for citizens’ initiatives.

Gross, Andreas

For Andreas Gross direct democracy is not only profoundly reasonable and practical  but also a matter of the heart: without direct democracy we can neither be free nor create a just society.

Initiative & Referendum Institute at the University of Southern California

IRI provides information about initiatives and referendums in the USA.

Meer Demokratie (Netherlands) [nl]

Meer Democratie (‘More Democracy’) is a movement campaigning for improving and deepening democracy in the Netherlands and Europe. We want the citizens to be in charge in our democracy.

Mehr Demokratie (Austria) [de]

Mehr Demokratie (Austria) was founded in 2006 and consideres itself as a non-partisan competence center for direct democracy. It provides information about direct democracy in Austria.

Mehr Demokratie (Germany) [de]

Mehr Demokratie is an association of citizens with 6’000 members (status 2012) founded in 1988. It is in the heart of the movements for direct democracy and parliamentary reform in Germany and Europe.

Navigator to Direct Democracy

The Navigator to Direct Democracy provides information about direct democracy procedures and practices worldwide. It is a global information and collaboration platform. It is a challenging project, which is based on my general typology of modern direct democracy.

Omnibus für direkte Demokratie in Deutschland [de]

Since 1987 the OMNIBUS is touring Germany and Europe with the “long-term goal of laying the foundations for genuine democracy”. It is “a self-governing cultural enterprise”, inspired by Joseph Beuys, that promotes direct democracy, which it defines as “direct legislation by the people through referendums preceded by free public information campaigns”. Some information in English available.



Wir fangen schon mal an.
FUTURZWEI macht es sich zur Aufgabe, dieses Anfangen gesellschaftlich sichtbar und politisch wirksam zu machen. Auch das 21. Jahrhundert braucht Visionen von besseren, gerechteren und glücklicheren Lebensstilen. In unserem Zukunftsarchiv erzählen wir, wie solche Visionen ganz handfest in Wirklichkeit verwandelt werden. Und dass Veränderung nicht nur möglich wird, sondern dass sie auch Spaß macht und Gewinn an Lebensqualität bedeutet.

On passe à l’acte

« On passe à l’acte ! » est à la fois une association active pour la promotion d’une expertise citoyenne qui vient directement du terrain, de la vie quotidienne des personnes et un site de journalisme constructif.

Yes! Magazine

YES! Magazine reframes the biggest problems of our time in terms of their solutions. Online and in print, we outline a path forward with in-depth analysis, tools for citizen engagement, and stories about real people working for a better world.

Searching for truth?

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