BOOKS (available as PDF)

Direct Democracy. Facts and Arguments [bg, de, dk, en, es, fr, it, nl, no, sk]

about the Introduction of Initiative and Referendum. 2007. Jos Verhulst and Arjen Nijeboer.
Download PDF here

Guidebook to Direct Democracy [en, cn*, pl**]

in Switzerland and Beyond. 2010. Bruno Kaufmann, Rolf Buechi and Nadja Braun.

[cn*] Chinese translation of the 2007 Edition

[pl**] Polish translation of the 12 essays of the 2010 Edition

All three books: download PDF from here

Kohti osallistavaa demokratiaa [fi]

Kansanäänestykset demokratian välineenä. 2006. Rolf Buechi. Helsinki: LIKE.
Download PDF from here

Opas suoraan demokratiaan [fi]

is a Finnish version of the Guidebook to Direct Democracy. It comes without the factsheets but with additional chapters on Finland and the Movement for the Protection of City Forests (kaupunkimetsäliike). Download PDF from here

Kansan valta – Suora demokratia Suomen politiikan pelastuksena [fi]

Ilvessalo, Saara & Jaakkola, Henrik (toim.) Helsinki: Into 2011 Download PDF from here

BOOKS (alphabetical order)

Altman, David. 2011. Direct Democracy Worldwide. Cambridge University Press.

Bobbio, Norberto. 1987. The Future of Democracy. Cambridge: Polity Press.

Bond, Edward. 2000. The Hidden Plot. Notes on Theatre and the State. Methuen.

Castoriadis, Cornelius

Translated from the French and edited anonymously as a public service.

Democracy and Relativism: Discussion with the “MAUSS” Group (2013)

Postscript on Insignificancy (2011)

A Society Adrift (2010)

Figures of the Thinkable (including “Passion and Knowledge”) (2005)

The Rising Tide of Insignificancy (2003)

Chollet, Antoine. 2011. Défendre la démocratie directe.

Sur quelques arguments antidémocratiques des élites suisses. Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes ( Presentation of the book, interview, lecture and discussion

Considerant, Victor. 1851. La Solution ou le gouvernement direct du peuple. (available online)

Dunn, John. 2005. Setting the People Free. The Story of Democracy. London: Atlantic Books.

Fotopoulos, Takis. 1997. Towards an Inclusive Democracy. London and New York: Cassell.

Graeber, David. 2012. Debt. The First 5000 Years. Brooklyn, New York: Melvillehouse.

Graeber, David. 2013. The Democracy Project. New York: Spiegel & Grau.

Herman, Edwars S. and Chomsky, Noam. 2002. Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. Secon edition, New York: Pantheon Books.

Holloway, John. 2002. Change the World Without Taking Power.(download PDF from here or read online)

Holloway, John. 2010. Crack Capitalism. London, New York: Pluto Press. (download PDF)

James, C.L.R. 1963. The Black Jacobins. Toussaint l’Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution. Second Edition. New York: Vintage Books

(available online

Landauer, Gustav. 1911. Aufruf zum Sozialismus.

Kelsen, Hans. 1920. Vom Wesen und Wert der Demokratie. Tübingen (available online:

Kelsen, Hans. 1955. Foundations of Democracy. The University of Chicago Press. (click to download PDF)

Maus, Ingeborg. 1994. Zur Aufklärung der Demokratietheorie. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. stw 1153

Maus, Ingeborg. 2011. Über Volkssouveränität. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. stw 2007

Negt, Oskar. 2011. Der politische Mensch. Göttingen: Steidl Verlag.

Preparata, Guido Giacomo. 2005. Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich. London, New York: Pluto Press.

A German version is available: Preparata, Guido Giacomo. 2010. Wer Hitler mächtig machte: Wie britisch-amerikanische Finanzeliten dem Dritten Reich den Weg bereiteten. Übersetzt von Helmuth Böttiger und eingeleitet von Andreas Bracher.

Rancière, Jacques. 2006. Hatred of Democracy. Translated by Steve Corcoran. London, New York: Verso. (pdf available online)

Rittinghausen, Moritz. 1850. Die direkte Gesetzgebung durch das Volk. Paris.

Rittinghausen, Moritz. 1852. La législation directe par le peuple et ses adversaires. Bruxelles, Gand et Leipzig: C. Muquardt.

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. 1755. A discourse on political economy. (available on the internet in fr and en)

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. 1762. The Social Contract. (available on the internet in fr and en)

Unger, Roberto Mangabeira. 2009. The Left Alternative. London New York: Verso. (download PDF)

Unger, Roberto Mangabeira. 2014. The Religion of the Future. Cambridge, Massachusetts. London, England: Harvard University Press. (download PDF)

Unger, Roberto Mangabeira and Lee Smolin. 2015. The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time. Cambridge University Press. (download PDF)


Galeano, Eduardo. 2009. Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone. New York: Nation Books.

Telling us stories, Eduardo Galeaneo let us have a look in the mirror.

Le Guin, Ursula K. The Dispossessed.

Saramago, José. Blindness.

Saramago, José. Seeing.

“José Saramago (…) has written a novel that says more about the days we are living in than any book I have read.” Ursula K Le Guin (read her book review here)

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