The Jura Conflict: Results of the Popular Votes

In the referendum vote in the Canton of Bern on 29 October 1950 the Jura Statute was accepted by 69,089 “Yes”-votes to 7,289 “No”-votes on a turnout of around 31%. The proposal was accepted in all districts, even more clearly in the Jura districts than in the old part of the canton.

On 5 July 1959, the initiative of the Rassemblement Jurassien was rejected across the canton by 80,141 “No”-votes to 23,130 “Yes”-votes, and in the seven Jura districts by 16,352 “No”-votes to 15,159 “Yes”-votes. However, the Jura region was divided: Franches-Montagnes, Delémont and Porrentruy approved the proposal with “Yes”-votes of between 66% and 76%. Courtelary, Laufen, Moutier and La Neuveville rejected the proposal with “No”-votes of between 65% and 75%. Turnout was 85% for the Jura and 31% for the old part of the canton.

The “Supplement to the constitution of the Canton of Bern in respect of the Jura region”, which conceded the right of self-determination to the Jura districts, was accepted in the referendum vote on 1 March 1970 by 90,358 “Yes”-votes to 14,133 “No”-votes. Turnout was around 60% in the Jura and 38% across the whole canton. The constitutional amendment was approved in all districts, especially clearly in those of the Jura.

23 June 1974: Consultative referendum of eligible voters in the Jura region: “Do you wish to form a new canton?”

16th March 1975: Consultative referendums in three districts:
“Do you wish to continue to belong to the canton of Bern?”

24 September 1978: Federal popular referendum vote on recognition of the new, 26th Swiss canton. The proposal was accepted by all the cantons and by a majority of the people, with 1,309,841 “Yes”-votes to 281,873 “No”-votes. Voter turnout was 42%.

Federal popular referendum vote: the municipality of Vellerat joins the Canton of Jura.

29. November 1998 Consultative vote on changing to the Canton of Jura in Moutier: 1,891 “Yes”-votes versus 1,932 “No” -votes (turnout: 81,3%)

24 November 2013 referendum vote on launching a process to create a new canton to unite the Jura. The proposal was rejected by the Bernese Jura (28,15% voted “Yes”; turnout 72,4%) with the exception of Moutier (55% voted “Yes”). The proposal was accepted by the voters in the Canton of Jura (76,6% voted “Yes”; turnout 64,2%).

18 June 2017 Moutier voted on whether or not to join the Canton of Jura. The voting question was: ”Voulez-vous que la commune de Moutier rejoigne la République et Canton du Jura?” (Do you want that the municipality of Moutier joins the Canton of Jura?). The result is 2,067 “Yes” -votes (50,94%) vs 1,930 “No” -votes (47,56%) and 61 votes invalid or blanc (1,5%). The turnout was 89,6%.

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