Popular Votes in Uruguay 1989-2016

Procedure Date Issue Result
PCR 16.04.1989 Abrogation of amnesty law for members of the military and police officers Rejected
PCI+ 26.11.1989 Constitutional reform, adjustment of pensions to inflation Approved
PCR 13.12.1992 Partial withdrawal of the privatization law that would partially privatize the state telephone company Approved
LOR 18.08.1994 Constitutional reforms to separate in the ballots national and municipal elections Rejected
PCI+ 27.11.1994 Constitutional reform to stop “hidden cuts” in pensions Approved
PCI+ 27.11.1994 Constitutional reform, assign 27% of the budget to education Rejected
LOR 08.12.1996 Constitutional reform to modify the electoral system Approved
PCR 17.06.1998 Opposing the Law of Energy Framework Rejected
PCR 20.09.1998 Time available to workers to make claims against employers Rejected
MTP 31.10.1999 Constitutional reform that limits executives of public services in running for office Rejected
MTP 31.10.1999 Constitutional reform, financial autonomy for Courts Rejected
PCR 18.02.2001 Repeal of 13 articles of Law 17.243 Rejected
PCR 05.08.2002 Repeal of Articles 612 & 613 of Law 17.296 Approved (no vote)
PCR 07.12.2003 Repeal of Law 17.448 Approved
PCI+ 31.10.2004 Constitutional reform, access to clean water recognized as a basic human right Approved
PCI+ 25.10.2009 Repeal of Articles 1-4 of the Expiry Act (Law 15.848) Rejected
MTP 25.10.2009 Constitutional reform, introduction of postal voting for Uruguayans living abroad Rejected
PCI+ 26.10.2014 Constitutional reform to lower the minimum age for criminal responsibility Rejected
LOR = Obligatory Referendum, MTP = Authorities’ Minority Plebiscite,
PCI = Citizens’ Initiative, PCR = Citizen-initiated Referendum
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