Popular/Citizen-Initiated Referendum + Counter-Proposal

Popular/Citizen-Initiated Referendum + Counter-Proposal (PCR+)

This direct democracy procedure combines a popular referendum against a decision by an authority with a referendum on a counter proposal. If both proposals are accepted, the decision between the two can be made by means of a deciding question.


Designates a certain type of popular vote procedure (–> see Typology). The referendum is a direct democracy procedure which includes a popular vote on an issue (ballot proposal) such as, for example, a constitutional amendment or a bill; the voters have the right to either accept or reject the ballot proposal.

The procedure is triggered either by law (–> obligatory referendum) or by a specified number of citizens (–> popular referendum). Note: a popular vote procedure, which is triggered and controlled exclusively by the authorities, is not a referendum but a plebiscite.

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